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Shekhar Bhartiya I help organizations to innovate and orchestrate business transformation programs that provide new business value and competitive advantage. Areas of expertise: SAP Business Transformation, Big Data and Analytic, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Cloud (SaaS and PaaS), Hadoop Ecosystem (Cloudera) Key Skills: Pre-sales, Value Engineering, Project Management and Business development
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A successful IT enabled transformation program requires a thoughtful and structured plan, design and implementation of To-Be Applications Architecture that meets the business objective and assures high performance, efficient IT operation and flexibility to promptly adapt to market changes.

Typical Customer Challenges during IT application life cycle

  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Standardize and align business processes to heighten flexibility
  • Upgrade & consolidation in one step (eg. move to EhP, HANA, S/4HANA)
  • Mirror organizational restructuring scenarios to a system landscape (eg. Carve outs, M&A)
  • Unify financial and controlling processes
  • Compliancy with standard regulations (SOAX, GAAP, IFRS, GST, VAT)

If we broke down complete IT lifecycle into Plan, Build and Run stages !


Each Stage has it's own challenges. Key objective is to "increase the Business & IT Value and decrease in total costs of IT".

At SNP we understand this challenge and focus on achiving the key objective of optimizing the Business & IT value.

The application and services we bring through out the IT lifecycle are automated, simple, secure, and fast. Once you start using these you will able to sucessfully optimize the IT cost and value.

Value of Key SNP Applications

SNP Interface Scanner (IFS)

  • Interface Scanner reviews your interfaces
  • With IFS you will never deal with undocumented or obsolete interfaces which can create significant security risks, while outdated and incompatible interfaces can lead to severe disruptions in business operations.
  • It allows you to gather valuable insights into your system landscape and any changes which have occurred over time
  • IT KPI affected :  Simplfy change management, Reduce risk of business disruption, Reduce risk of failure

SNP Data Provisioning & Masking (DPM)

  • SNP DPM offers a standard software application for providing realistic and secure test data
  • It help to refresh non-production clients
  • It performs data masking and secure system copy
  • It helps in faster replication of clients and system copy
  • Less hardware is required than a system copy
  • It has pre-configured business objects which helps in efficient and fast testing
  • IT KPI affected: Reduce time/cost of testing, Reduce time to market new business capability (internal and/or external), Reduce time to value, Reduce risk of revenue lost (Security), Reduce time/cost of prototyping, Reduce planned/unplanned downtime

SNP Business Process Analysis (BPA)

  • SNP BPA helps you to discover and understand business processes
  • Visualize business processes in SAP, EBS, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft ERP systems
  • Document, compare and monitor current processes and optimize process performance
  • IT KPI affected: Reduce process complexity, Reduce time to design new processes, Reduce time/cost of process design, Increase best practice adoption, Reduce time to market new business capability (internal and/or external), Reduce time/cost to improve performance

SNP Applications helps to achive the key objective of 'Increasing the Business & IT Value and decreasing the total cost of IT'

SNP applications brings tremendous value throughout the business transformation Lifecycle. From our experience of doing 4000+ projects worldwide we have learned that SNP applications can help you to:

  • Reduce total cost of IT/SAP projects up to 32%
  • Reduce ERP downtime by 73%
  • Reduce the total project risk 3x Vs conventional ways.

We operate worldwide and now open for business in Asia. Our new SNP Applications office is located in Singapore. 

Reach out to us for your interest in specific SNP Applications in Asia Pacific | Click Below >>


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