New Webinar on SAP System Carve-Out

Dennis Krieger
| 1 min read
Reducing the complexity and cost of SAP System Carve-Out through automation and selective migration
If you are involved with moving ERP data when your business restructures or sells companies or divisions, find out why more and more leading companies trust our software solution SNP Transformation Backbone for carve-out projects and divestitures.

Learn how our automated SAP transformation software brings enormous benefits in terms of speed, quality and certainty for IT leaders and business stakeholders who are tasked with carving out corporate entities.

Importantly, we will demonstrate how you can reduce the complexity of a SAP carve-out project through selective migration, bringing significant benefits in terms of risk, time and cost.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Different carve-out scenarios
  • Effective and rapid automated ERP transformation approaches
  • Ensuring data integrity, security and audit compliance
  • Reducing the complexity, time and cost of a SAP carve-out


WEBINAR: TUESDAY 31 JANUARY, 10-11AM UK / 11AM-12PM CETCarve-out-Jenga.png

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