WE WILL RISE TO THE COVID-19 CHALLENGE - Derek Oats, President and CEO SNP North America

Kenneth Chang
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Derek Oats, President and CEO SNP North America


The USA has been severely tested by the coronavirus outbreak for months now. According to the latest figures from John Hopkins University, the country has the highest number of infected people worldwide. So how is the current situation impacting SNP North America?

Derek Oats, President and CEO North America, SNP Transformations, Inc., is interviewed about how SNP is dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 in the US, to what extent the order situation and cooperation on current projects has changed, and whether, in his view, technological progress continues to be a high priority for companies in the USA despite the crisis.


How is the pandemic affecting current projects and communication with customers? What are the specific challenges – and how is SNP North America facing them?  

Derek Oats: We have continued to execute and deliver strategic business value to our customers throughout the pandemic. As a result, we have not really seen a significant drop-off in customer initiatives. While we have seen a reprioritization of initiatives from our customers, they continue to move forward. SNP NA is positioned very well, as we typically deliver the value from our end-to-end software automation platform remotely as opposed to on-site. 


What do you consider to be the most important factors to ensure that IT and transformation projects can be successfully delivered in the current period?

Communication and setting proper expectations are and will always be the cornerstones to strong partnerships with our customers and alliance partners.

"During rapidly changing and evolving times, it is very important to slow down and listen very carefully to the challenges that our customers and partners are faced with." 


In your opinion, has there been a change in the willingness to implement transformation projects or to introduce new technologies? Is technological progress still a high priority for companies in the US?

As I mentioned previously, we are seeing customers move forward with their strategic initiatives. Customers and partners are being forced to prioritize these strategic initiatives and are being asked to do more with less. SNP is expertly positioned to help with these transformation challenges with our automation platform and our history of delivering successful projects remotely over the last 25 years.


What are the perspectives from your point of view? What do you expect from the coming weeks and months, especially with regard to the importance of digital transformation for your customers?

"I expect to see a lot of activity in the M&A arena. I believe that many private equity firms who are in strong cash positions will be waiting to pounce on strategic and valuable opportunities to strengthen their positions."

I also believe that many SAP customers will be looking to move forward and execute their S/4HANA strategies, as they know that if they do not execute and their competition is able to do so, they may be left facing a significant disadvantage. Furthermore, I think that a lot of SAP customers will continue to expand their cloud strategies to help gain efficiencies and lower the overall total cost of ownership of their business platforms. 

Thank you for the interview.

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