Take command of your digital transformation

Geraldine Flory
| 1 min read

Transparency and software-based automation for more certainty and less risks with CrystalBridge®.

Recently, we were visiting a customer who was spun-off from a larger pharma company and inherited a complete clone of the parent’s ERP landscape. As they grew, this old baggage was causing more and more problems. It led to data entry mistakes, missed deliveries and even impacted production schedules. As they contemplated adopting SAP S/4HANA®, it was obvious that this old structure had to go – but the reason it was still there in the first place was because they believed there was no efficient way to re-move the unnecessary data and processes. They believed it would take years of effort to complete.

With CrystalBridge, after a simple scan of their system, they were able to visually and interactively identify what had to go, and even author transformation rules and leverage predictive analytics to see the outcome in a single afternoon session.

Transformations like this and many, many more – such as cloudification, system merges, new technology adoption and reorganization – can all benefit from the CrystalBridge command center. Advanced analytics, interactive authoring, context-aware intelligent execution and effort-busting automated testing are the controls that let you steer your ship to safe waters using CrystalBridge.

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