Covid-19 : Statement of the CEO Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither

Andreas Schneider-Neureither Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither is the Founder and CEO of SNP SE.
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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Global Measures
Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither, Founder and CEO, SNP SE

Heidelberg, March 2020

The global ramifications of the widespread coronavirus are keeping us all on edge. Absolute priority goes to protecting our families and those who are important to us and whom we love. Governments are taking action and doing the best they can. As we have seen in recent days, this rings particularly true for the future of the area that all our lives depend upon: the economy.

This crisis too will eventually pass, yet many things will not be the same afterwards. None of us know what will be different. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that old business models tend to disappear more quickly, whereas the digitalization of entire business models will gain significant importance once more. As an important instrument for securing a company’s future, comprehensive transformation will increasingly be the focus of management once again. Here, the competition will be decided by those who can transform quickly and efficiently following the crisis and therefore leverage competitive advantages that will help them down the road.

We are aware that we therefore have a particular responsibility towards our customers and partners – especially now. We are well prepared for this and, as a fully digitalized company, can offer our customers the advantage that we are perfectly capable of working from almost nearly any place in the world at almost any time. As a result, even if almost all our global locations remain closed for the time being as a preventative measure, we are fully capable of action and will take action too. This includes helping our customers and partners to emerge from this crisis as best we can and to plan for what comes next.

In addition, we are investing in further instruments both currently and in the short term that will enable us to further intensify the work we do for our customers and partners. We are also expanding our webinar offering for you at the moment and are in the process of organizing virtual events to replace scheduled live events that cannot take place. Furthermore, we offer our training courses online. We will gladly support you in making your systems fit for a fully digitalized working environment as quickly as possible.

We will update our website, blog and social media to keep you continuously informed about any further measures as well as about all other topics that might be important to you. But please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our consultants are always available to our customers. For our partners, Lutz Lambrecht, Vice President of Partner Management at SNP, is available at

Above all else, I wish you and your families good health. Even if we are physically separated and personal encounters are not possible at the moment, we will remain connected.

Your Andreas Schneider-Neureither

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