Bryson DeChambeau Continues Golfing Revolution on PGA Tour

Leonie Steegmüller
| 1 min read

Bryson DeChambeau Continues Golfing Revolution on PGA

With his physical transformation and his unique approach, the US golfer partnered with SNP is achieving new success

Following a break of almost three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, professional golf in the USA has been picking up speed once again over the last few weeks: The PGA Tour, the world’s largest tournament series in professional golf, is keeping the game going by holding golf tournaments without spectators. And it is here that the 26-year-old US golf star Bryson DeChambeau is drawing particular attention to himself. As reported in an article published yesterday by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), a German daily newspaper, entitled “The Hulk of Golf,” the world number ten has gained over 18 kilograms of physical mass in recent months. As a result, he is now hitting the ball further than all his competitors and often breaking the 350-meter mark. DeChambeau thus proves that, contrary to conventional opinion, muscle mass is important in golf.

To achieve this feat, DeChambeau has successfully transformed himself physically by using specific techniques to strengthen selected muscle groups, enabling powerful upper body rotation and a stable swing. The FAZ expanded on his revolutionary golf drive: “In April, he reached a ball speed of no less than 203 miles per hour when hitting the net during a charity stream on the driveway of his villa.” Converted into kilometers per hour, it sounds even more impressive: 327. For comparison, the average on the PGA Tour is 170 miles (274 kilometers) per hour.” Furthermore, DeChambeau wants to build up even more muscle mass in the future and achieve an even higher ball speed. This would put DeChambeau in a class of his own.

SNP has been partnered with the US golfer since January 2020. More than almost any other professional athletes, he stands for innovative approaches combined with excellence – therefore perfectly representing the company’s innovative approach in the field of digital transformation.

SNP congratulates Bryson DeChambeau on his outstanding performance and wishes him continued success on the PGA Tour!

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