The Transformation Advisor & Factory

Dennis Krieger
| 5 min read

Modernization & transformation is an ongoing process and the old adage of “evolve or die” has never been more true than today. However, transforming without taking into account all of the challenges, risks and costs for even one transformation (never mind the continuous transformation that our modern world demands) places even the most sophisticated and advanced organizations in the world at risk.  Faced with this, the wise choice is to arm yourself with a well-defined repeatable process, a way to automate the most complex parts of the transformation, and a partner that can take you through the whole process end-to-end.

In this context, proven industry standard software, which can be brought to bear from analysis thru to execution and testing, along with on-going support, is key.   The full integration of these, along with tried & true processes and deep experience maximizes economies of scale, industrializes the process of transformation, and delivers on an unmatched level of quality.  This creates a the Transformation Factory.   The Transformation Factory takes advantage of pre-configured tooling & automation, standard specifications & approach to provide repeatable, predictable and consistent transformations.


Of course the selection of a transformation partner (better a “Transformation Advisor”) is key in being able to leverage a Transformation Factory. To that end a few key questions must be answered:

  • There are many firms out there that claim to provide software and/or automation but almost all of these focus on a very narrow slice of the transformation process (as an example code transformation or data cleansing only).  Does the partner have in-depth knowledge and experience with the full transformation process?  Do they possess industry standard software that provides the support needed thru all phases of the transformation and for all aspects of it?  
  • Not all transformations are the same. There are significant differences between business driven (merger, divestiture, re-organization etc) and technology driven (re-platforming, Unicode, HANA etc) transformations. Further within each group (business vs. technology), there exist significant differences between each of the different types. Is the partner experienced with the type of transformations which your organization needs/does?  
  • Will the partner back up their technology and services with well-defined and enforceable SLAs (Service Level Agreements)?
  • Is the partner committed not only to their R&D, but also to the training of their people? Will they ensure that their software, and the professionals delivering the services around that software, are up-to-date with the latest available technologies and solutions that the transformation aims to take advantage of?

SNP, ticks all of these boxes and many more. With our breadth & depth of experience in all transformation types, as well as, our industry standard tools we are perfectly positioned to not only be a transformation partner but more importantly the Transformation Advisor.  


SNP, the Transformation Advisor, has a diverse & deep transformation project portfolio of over 5,000 initiatives covering:

  • Merger, acquisition, divestiture or carve-out
  • Re-platforming (moving to the cloud etc)
  • Landscape simplification (reducing the number of systems etc)
  • Business realignment
  • Upgrades / migrations (S4, HANA, Unicode etc)
  • Harmonization (New GL, Chart of Accounts, Customizations)


SNP’s Transformation Factory consists of an extensive set of industry standard software & tools (allowing for a much more complete understanding of your SAP landscape & a much better view of what a transformation entails):

  • CrystalBridge – The heart & soul of our Transformation Factory.  Visualize and simulate your transformation project in the cloud before implementation begins, assuring you of the best possible project outcome.  Additionally, visually analyze and review all the systems in your SAP landscape and immediately see potential transformational & operational issues.
  • Transformation Backbone (T-Bone)– The industry standard software solution for transformations.  Allows for transformations to be executed at the lowest database table levels providing the ultimate in flexibility, performance and control of the transformation.   Further, allows for the combining of multiple transformation projects into a single initiative reducing testing cycles, downtime and risk while increasing efficiency.
  • Business Process Analysis– Allows you to see what process are actually being executed in SAP and how.   This can also show/compare how the same process compares between two different SAP systems/landscapes.
  • Interface Scanner– Similar to the above but deals with interfaces in & out of SAP systems, however, not only other SAP systems, but also non-SAP systems
  • System Scan– The equivalent of an x-ray/CAT scan/MRI of your SAP system.  Provides low level detailed information on an SAP system and can even compare different systems looking for conflicts in items such as number ranges etc., exact module installation vs usage, exact usage patterns to assist with downtime planning and much more.
  • Data Provisioning & Masking– Allows for realistic and secure test data helping to shorten your development and change processes, makes affordable test and training scenarios possible, and at the same time protects your sensitive client and product data from internal and external misuse.
  • Test Automation– Automation tool that lets you check SAP data & customization settings for correctness and consistency.


Finally we provide SAP services related to:

  • Cloud uplift – We are partners with AWS and Microsoft which allows us to find the perfect fit for your SAP landscape.
  • Landscape & Data Center Architecture – We would work with your organization to review existing architecture and plan for future stability, reliability, performance & growth
  • Templated Multi-National Rollouts - Allows customers with multi-site SAP installations to efficiently manage their business processes across geographical distances – from initial template definition to template implementation/optimization on thru to the multi-national rollout.
  • Custom code remediation – Custom code must at times also be remediated not only to improved performance and reliability but also when moving to a new technology stack certain requirements must be met for it to execute at all.


SNP has nearly three decades & over 5,000 projects of experience delivering value through transformations to industry-leading companies.  From the back office to the front office, for startups to Fortune 50 companies, in manufacturing to service and regulated industries, we help companies plan and implement transformations that increase market share, improve performance and lower costs.  With 25 offices across 13 countries (Germany, USA, UK, Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Colombia, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Spain & Switzerland) and a team that is 1300+ strong we are perfectly positioned to deliver to all parts of the globe.