SNP Is Now Member of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

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SNP Is Now Member of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

In January 2021, SNP joined the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, a partnership of leading European industrial companies that promotes interoperable Industry 4.0 solutions. Founded in spring 2019, the alliance now has more than 70 members collaborating in various working groups to develop holistic approaches and solutions. The aim is to make it easier for companies to switch to Industry 4.0 – the intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry – with the help of information and communications technology.

As a leading expert in automated data migration and transformation, SNP is supporting the alliance with its experience and solutions. At the same time, the software manufacturer is working with the other members to establish common industry standards. To achieve this, SNP will also contribute its software CrystalBridge® and the BLUEFIELD™ approach based on it, which enable secure, fast and automated data transformation when moving to the cloud.

An increasing number of industrial companies are on their way to becoming “smart factories.” The reasons for this business transformation are usually cloud computing and the associated data sovereignty when exchanging data. This is because they make it easier for companies to introduce new technologies flexibly and quickly. Herbert Jakob, Senior Alliance Manager at SNP, is pleased with the collaboration in the initiative and sees a lot of synergy potential: “Alliances such as the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas that takes place there are enormously important in view of current and future changes. Business requirements and technological challenges meet innovative approaches to solutions and product developments. The dialogue is beneficial for everyone involved.”

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