SNP dome: The SNP Logo Is Inaugurated

Michael Eberhardt
| 2 min read

SNP dome: The SNP Logo Is Inaugurated

Today is a special day for SNP: The official inauguration of our logo on the new sports venue, the SNP dome, has taken place. It shines in SNP blue from the outside facade of the venue at the entrance to Heidelberg. Being the namesake of the sports venue fills us with great pride, as it will be an important location for cultural and sporting events in the region in the future.

Our company founder Andreas Schneider-Neureither would also have been very pleased. He passed away suddenly last November and unfortunately can no longer witness this sight. It was Andreas who enthusiastically made the decision to sponsor the SNP dome and thus send a clear signal – a signal of the great importance that SNP attaches to Heidelberg and also to the promotion of sports as a key aspect of our social commitment. And that has been the case since the very beginning.

Since our foundation over 25 years ago, we have been deeply rooted in Heidelberg and feel connected to the region. From here, we have grown and become the global company we are today. And that is why it is so important for us to give something back as well. As part of our social commitment, we are particularly dedicated to supporting athletes in Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. For example, we sponsor the Heidelberg basketball teams MLP Academics and SNP BasCats. The SNP dome represents a new training and competition venue for both teams.

Promoting sport is close to our hearts because sport conveys key values that are equally important to us as a company. The day-to-day business of our 1,500 employees is to successfully implement complex and difficult transformation projects for companies. To achieve this, the most important requirement is to have a strong team spirit – something that we at SNP are very passionate about.

It is therefore a particular pleasure for me that, by sponsoring the SNP dome, we are not only adorning a sports venue with our name. We are also providing concrete support for team sports, promoting team spirit and fostering children, young people and young talent alike with club and school sports. Here, they will soon be able to have fun while also learning about important values and behaviors that – as we see every day at SNP – are important far beyond the game itself.

I am really looking forward to seeing the SNP dome filled with life as soon as it is possible again. And since our company headquarters is just a “ball’s throw” away from the SNP dome, my team and I will be happy to drop by regularly. We are looking forward to it.