SAP Selective Test Data Management Tools: SNP Ranks Twice Among the Best

Gregor Stöckler, Chief Operating Officer at SNP
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SAP Selective Test Data Management Tools: SNP Ranks Twice Among the Best

SNP is mentioned twice in the current market research report on SAP selective test data management tools. Both SNP Test Data Organizer (SNP  TDO) and Datavard  Validate are praised by the analysts.

What added value do test data management solutions provide for SAP user companies? SAP system landscapes are becoming increasingly complex, while at the same time data volumes are continuing to grow. For SAP solutions to function optimally, user companies need realistic and secure test data. After all, valid testing is only possible if business processes are mapped realistically. Realistic and secure test data helps to shorten development and change processes, make complete test and training scenarios affordable, and protect sensitive data from internal and external misuse.

Demand among SAP customers for test data management is greater than ever. According to the analysts at Orbis Research, the global market volume is currently USD 1.4 billion. The cloud segment is only slightly larger than the on-premises segment, and the growth rates up until 2028 will be almost identical. With an average growth of 14.5 percent per year, the market is expected to grow to USD 3.6 billion.
In the market overview, Orbis Research evaluated a total of 18 solutions for managing SAP test data. SNP is currently the only provider in the report with two solutions:

1. The data transformation platform CrystalBridge® with its SNP Test Data Organizer (TDO) module integrates over 20 years of test data management experience into an agile software product. SNP  TDO accelerates the secure and rapid setup of test systems and streamlines them by using a proven selective approach. In this way, SNP TDO enables efficient SAP test systems tailored to individual requirements. This allows customers to reduce their operating costs quickly and effectively. The analysts at Orbis Research sum up the SNP solution as follows: “The data transformation platform helps to automate test data management in a reliable, compact and powerful manner.”

2. Datavard Validate enables IT departments to automatically check data from SAP systems and then provide the relevant departments with the consolidated results. The automated solution can significantly reduce the effort and costs involved.
According to Orbis Research: “Datavard has developed and continuously optimized a three-step approach to make the transition from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA faster and easier. It includes automated end-to-end analytics, selective data transfer, and the integration of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Orbis Research mentions us twice in its latest market report on SAP selective test data management tools. This emphasizes our outstanding position in this growing market,” says Gregor Stöckler, Chief Operating Officer at SNP. “By acquiring Datavard, we are also expanding our range of services in the rapidly growing data and analytics market.”

Gerhard Krauss, Vice President Product Engagement at SNP, adds: “The market report and the great feedback from our customer round table provide a clear direction for our product roadmap. We will merge the two solutions later this year. Our goal remains to provide the leading global software for SAP test data management.”

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