SNP AG Receives Order for Strategic SAP Consolidation Program From One of the Largest Automotive Suppliers in the World

Dennis Krieger
| 1 min read
Heidelberg, Germany, July 05, 2017 – SNP lands an extensive transformation project for one of the leading companies in the automotive supplies industry. The customer is consolidating its entire SAP ERP territory, with respect to its strict orientation towards a new business model focused on the area of intelligent mobility solutions. The company had already licensed the standard software SNP Transformation Backbone with SAP LT and analysis components the year before and has now commissioned extensive services.

The successful consolidation of heterogeneous SAP territories will be one of the most important success factors for companies in the automobile industry in the near future. The migration of core and transaction data, as well as the transformation of processes from the old SAP systems, is at the center of this consolidation. These transformation programs are complex, time-sensitive and fraught with risk. Here, SNP offers standardized and automated approaches to the whole life cycle of this transformation via its software-based consulting approach. In SNP Transformation Backbone with SAP LT, the customer receives a software suite which covers all phases of this program and renders the transformation simpler, quicker and less risky.

“We are very proud that we are now running such projects in the automotive industry. SAP, with support from ‘just-in-time’ processes, is extremely business-critical in this area,” says Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither, CEO of SNP AG. “We can succeed in these projects thanks to our ‘near-zero-downtime’ procedures and using this software, we can make best use of our strengths.”