NovisEuforia becomes the first SNP Glue certified partner

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NovisEuforia becomes the first SNP Glue certified partner

Both companies pave the way for modern cloud-based analytics applications including SAP data

In the Spanish market, NovisEuforia is one of SNP's most strategically important partners for data migration in SAP projects. From the start, our alliance was based on close trust and the pursue of a joint goal: For our customers’ sustainable success, we bundle our solutions, know-how and experience for a fast and secure IT and business transformation.

Now, NovisEuforia is the first certified SNP GLUE partner. This is a huge advantage for customers who have recognized the value of their SAP data and want to provide it to new and often cloud-based analytics applications to maximum value creation. Just last year, we enhanced our collaboration in the context of S/4 and Cloud. With the Glue-Certification NovisEuforia is now in a position to support customers in the development and use of modern analytics applications in a flexible and cloud-vendor-agnostic way.

What is SNP GLUE?
SNP GLUE is a data management product certified by SAP, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Snowflake and Cloudera that takes customers’ analytics platforms to the next level by implementing state-of-the-art SAP data integration. It integrates SAP systems into the most advanced data architectures and enables use cases such as streaming data into a data lake to feed a data product or support an event-based customer application. Given the strategic importance of SAP systems, SAP data has a high priority in this process. This makes SNP Glue a key product for secure and fast access to and integration of SAP data and thus a fundamental part of the enterprise data stack. SNP Glue increases an organization's ability to respond to the ever-increasing demands for integration, flexibility, and speed necessary for a modern enterprise.

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