“Mission Control”: Automated Quality Assurance for Transformation Projects with CrystalBridge®

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Interview with Dominik Wittenbeck, Vice President of Product Management at SNP, about the new function in CrystalBridge®

Consistent standards, automated processes, maximum security: In transformation projects, quality assurance plays a decisive role for the success of the project. Especially when implementing a complex project together with partners, joint approaches and standards ensure that the strengths of both sides can be combined in a precise and optimal manner for the benefit of the customer. Therefore, SNP has developed and launched a new function for its transformation platform CrystalBridge®. “Mission Control” is a quality assurance tool integrated into the software for continuous monitoring and security in transformation projects. Dominik Wittenbeck, Vice President of Product Management at SNP, tells us more about the background and advantages of Mission Control in this interview.

What is Mission Control and how does it support customers and partners of SNP?

Mission Control is a guided procedure for all types of transformation projects. The profound, extensive knowledge of our consultants was the starting point for developing this new function, which we have integrated into our CrystalBridge software platform as an automated process. With Mission Control, SNP partners have the advantage that they need fewer resources for projects. Project quality is increased because manual activities are reduced to a minimum, therefore significantly lowering the error rate. Continuous documentation ensures maximum transparency about the progress and thus provides the current project status. This documentation is not only available on-premises, but also in a user-friendly web interface. Project members, project managers and management all have access to this information, so that all those involved can easily track the current project status at any time.

Is Mission Control a new product? How does Mission Control fit into the SNP portfolio?


Mission Control is not a new product. Mission Control is used to visualize the various CrystalBridge scenarios, such as Merge and Carve-out. The knowledge that consultants usually bring to a project is condensed by Mission Control into a standardized procedure that has been almost completely automated. Some manual work always remains, but we have reduced this to the absolute minimum and thus maximized control over the project. 

Does this mean that quality assurance is integrated into the software?

Exactly. Problems can be detected early on and can therefore be solved at a very early stage of the project. The guided procedure includes special “Quality Gates.” These are check points that provide reports on whether everything went smoothly in a project step or show which errors must be corrected in order to start the next project step seamlessly.

What exactly happens at such a Quality Gate?

A Quality Gate checks the result after each project step – whether you’re creating rules, preparing the target system, performing the migration or verifying the migrated data afterwards. The Quality Gates are designed very intuitively for the user, according to a traffic light principle.

Due to COVID-19, companies find themselves in particularly challenging times. Does Mission Control provide any advantages for managing projects, especially in the current situation?  

One of the big challenges at the moment is to work remotely and asynchronously. Meetings cannot take place on site and calls cannot always be made without interruptions due to limited bandwidth. Mission Control supports smooth project progress, since the project status can easily be checked and coordinated at any time and from anywhere in the world. Therefore, the new function offers great advantages, especially in times when flexible and time-independent access to projects is more important than ever. But even beyond the current situation, Mission Control is a great tool for optimally managing increasingly global transformation projects across different time zones.

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