United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) chooses SNP Outboard and Glue

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United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) chooses SNP Outboard and Glue to Archive and Replicate SAP Data Before Moving to the Cloud

When United Farmers of Alberta’s SAP database reached over 6 TB, they began to notice performance issues with their system. An SNP system scan revealed a significant amount of data available for archiving. With SNP Outboard, the company was able to archive 25% of their 6 TB System. There was minimal impact on the business when SNP performed this project. SNP Outboard was able to handle UFA system customizations with ease, which was the primary reason UFA chose the SNP Outboard solution to archive their data. After completing the Outboard project, UFA faced another challenge finding a quicker, easier solution for replicating data to make it available to the SAP Business Intelligence system. SNP became aware of the problem and suggested the Glue solution. Glue was installed and handled UFA's customizations with no problems. With the Glue solution, UFA is replicating data every 15 minutes on the delta load and a full nightly load. UFA plans on using Glue to replicate SAP data whenever and wherever it is needed. UFA stated that Glue will be a critical tool in the UFA landscape moving forward.

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