Successfully mastering the cloud move – Success Story Kellogg Company

SNP Experts
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An outdated technical infrastructure, ancient hardware and applications with unsupported software – in order to remain agile in the market, the Kellogg Company has modernized its IT landscape and ventured into the cloud. The multinational food manufacturer was supported by experts from the software and consulting company SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner.


When the Kellogg Company realized that its aging IT landscape was increasingly taking up more time and resources, it was time for the digital transformation. It was not possible to upgrade the applications within the existing IT landscape. The food manufacturer, which produces 1600 food products in 18 countries and sells them in more than 180 countries, needed a new solution to update affected SAP systems with minimal downtime. At the same time, the IT infrastructure needed to meet different management and user requirements.


The Challenge: Modernizing a complex IT architecture

The team in charge examined options for modernizing the global technical enterprise architecture in order to provide a foundation for future growth and innovation. They chose the AWS Cloud as the platform for the global SAP landscape. This was done to limit up-front investments and eliminate costly, proprietary operating systems. With the new SAP landscape in mind, the Kellog Company chose a solution that runs with SAP HANA (Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning - TPM). During the planning period, it became clear that the complex project entailed high risks such as project overruns, long timelines and possible technical failures, as well as extended downtime and business interruptions. Kellogg deemed this level of risk too high. The decision-makers needed a procedure that minimized manual effort, project risks and downtime and thus ensured successful transformation.


The Solution: Migration to the cloud with near-zero downtime 

In order to overcome the specific challenges, Kellogg commissioned the software and consulting company SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner with the SAP upgrades at the user level. Less than six months elapsed between the project launch and the go-live of the migration.

The SAP ERP system was migrated using the SNP Transformation Backbone® software suite, almost eliminating downtime. The go-live of the migration took place with a technical downtime of less than four hours. More than 1,600 users in five markets could be migrated with almost continuous availability and an accelerated schedule. 


The advantages of the migration approach at a glance

- Shortened project timeline

- Rapid migration with low risk

- Simultaneous upgrade and migration of numerous SAP components

- Nearly continuous availability

- Reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO)

- After migration: increased reliability, improved performance, faster replication of environments