IT – the spearhead of corporate transformation

SNP Experts
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Using sophisticated transformation software, business leaders automate and standardize technical and process change – and ensure its success.

Companies worldwide are facing the difficult task of reorganizing their IT and business landscapes and thus making far-reaching changes to systems and processes. They need to react quickly to changes, disruptive business models or new customer requirements. With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, companies are creating the conditions for sustainable competitiveness in the contested global markets in the course of operational restructuring or mergers.


Declared a top priority

For a long time, IT departments have been operating in the background and not been involved in important reorganization projects – or were involved too late. This picture has changed: The complexity of IT systems and their importance for successful business processes and transformations has reached the executive floor. The changed view of IT and system landscapes has heightened awareness of their relevance, but also of the problems that can arise if major projects are not properly planned and implemented. Despite the change in awareness, many decision-makers still underestimate the risks of transformation projects. In the recent past, prominent examples with losses running into millions have shown how serious poorly executed IT and business transformations can be.


Security risk: Interfaces

Providers of software solutions and consulting services for data transformations have been working for years to inform and raise awareness for the topic – often meeting alarming status quos.  For example, the software and consulting company SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE recently carried out an interface scan for a large corporation. Instead of the company's estimated 2,500, it had 11,000 interfaces – attractive entry points for data thieves, economic spies and saboteurs happy to obtain information.


Digital transformation as a guarantee for success

Digital transformation creates transparency, security and full control by thoroughly scanning systems and making planned changes – and by making their impact visible and predictable. However, without a partner who specializes in IT transformation issues and can successfully implement complex data migrations and profound changes in system landscapes, restructuring remains risky. There are too many pitfalls.