Challenge for modern companies: Agility in IT

SNP Experts
| 1 min read

Global competition, constant technological change and rapidly growing requirements are driving markets through ever shorter cycles of change. Agility is a critical success factor for companies that need to continually adapt their IT architecture. How can fast, secure and cost-reduced IT and business transformations be achieved? 


What sounds promising today may be outdated tomorrow: In order to maintain their competitive advantage in global markets, companies should continuously review their business strategy and be prepared to adapt it to changing conditions at any time. When changes occur, it's important to act quickly: The pace of transformation is crucial for a company's success.


Complex ERP landscapes inhibit productivity

What complicates matters is the fact that many ERP landscapes have become unmanageable over the course of time. They are the result of continuous changes in companies that want to buy growth or implement other strategic changes: Restructuring, mergers, spin-offs or divestitures.

Increasingly complex ERP ecosystems limit your organization's most valuable resource: Your professionals and executives. Complex systems bind professionals, keep them away from core business and optimization processes, and inhibit productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.


Comprehensive transformation instead of an interim solution

IT transformations are considered expensive, time-consuming and prone to conflicts. Here’s why: they are often not implemented comprehensively, but in individual projects. To avoid risks, organizations usually opt for an interim solution: the fine-tuning of a suboptimal and interwoven network of systems and processes that has evolved over time. 

In this way organizations are merged, yet software systems remain separate. This structural error is then transferred to each module in the ERP system and each process. However, today, there is an alternative that enables a comprehensive, automated approach to transformations while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of the project.


Enabling conversions that are difficult to implement

The international software standard for transformation processes is SNP Transformation Backbone® with SAP LT. The solution developed by the Heidelberg-based software house SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE supports companies worldwide with an integrated software: Thanks to individual solutions for ERP transformations, it is also possible to implement previously unattainable conversions. SNP Transformation Backbone® actively supports every single step of the transformation process. With this software, decision-makers have the entire transformation project under control.