Best practice: Mastering IT carve-outs quickly and securely

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For decision-makers, the takeover or merger of companies has primarily economic motives. Yet for the transaction to reach its goal successfully, a fast and secure carve-out of the IT systems is required. The best practice example of Edilians, a leading French supplier of terracotta tiles, in collaboration with SNP shows what is important when migrating data.


After the French tile manufacturer Edilians, employing more than 1,000 people at 14 production sites worldwide, acquired the Portuguese company Umbelino, the acquisition had to be realized from an IT perspective as well: As the buying organization, Edilians had to transfer all business-relevant application and master data from the seller's SAP ERP system.


Tight schedule for system implementation and data migration

Since Edilians had not worked with SAP software before, the company needed a competent partner who could quickly establish trust in the IT solution and provide expert support throughout the large-scale project.

Complicating matters further was the tight timeframe in which the project was to be completed. Under the terms of the Transitional Services Agreement (TSA), the selling company had to deliver the aforementioned data to Edilians within thirteen months – along with a functioning SAP system. Edilians then planned to use the latter for the company's operations.


Automated transformation accelerates planning and scoping

When choosing a service provider for the data migration, project managers at Edilians opted for SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner. The software and IT consulting company, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, can draw on more than 25 years of experience in the field of SAP M&A and is known for implementing complex transformation projects quickly, securely and in a cost-effective manner.

Using its in-house software suite CrystalBridge for automated transformation, SNP employed a selective carve-out approach. In a first stage, this enabled a quick automated analysis and graphical visualization of the source system: The organizational structures and data relevant for the takeover could be identified and narrowed down. Time-consuming workshops for recording data requirements could be eliminated, which significantly accelerated planning and scoping.


Cutover migration within less than ten hours

With the help of SNP software, the code base of the SAP ERP system was copied quickly and without data, and a new target system for Edilians was created within a few days. Subsequently, the migration experts ensured a smooth transfer of the relevant data from the source to the Edilians system. The final cutover migration took less than ten hours.


IT carve-out: remote implementation during the Corona pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT project was conducted entirely remotely and successfully completed in less than four months. "Thanks to the methodology, we were able to complete the carve-out and migration as planned. The timeframe was ambitious, but it became realistic and safe. With SNP's support, we were able to switch to the new system at our plant in Portugal in just one weekend – with no impact at all on our business operations," says Sylvain Moreau, Chief Information Officer at Edilians, summarizing the successful project approach.


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